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ISRO PSLV C-37 launch, World record by ISRO.

After the ISRO PSLV C-37 launch, Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) created a global record by successfully launching a breathtaking number of 104 satellites in one go.

The old record for the most number of satellites launch was 37 satellite by Russia.


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How to manage headphones?

Managing tangled headphone is not an easy job and can be frustrating enough. Many a time we just throw it into the bag or pocket and as a result headphone wire tangles and becomes a mess.
Commonly the way we manage headphones is not the ideal way to deal with it, in worst cases it can significantly reduce the lifetime of the headphone, no matter how expensive it is.
Let’s learn how to manage headphones properly without losing our mind.
Enhance your music listening experience with a tangle-free headphone.

Say bye to tangled headphone and enjoy great music.

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Check out the future of virtual reality!

To celebrate April fools day, Google has introduced the future of virtual reality, “world’s first actual reality headset”. The cardboard plastic, which is equipped with some very unique features.

  • 4D integrated perspective
  • 360-degree spatially accurate sound
  • 20/20 resolution
  • Advanced haptics for realistic touch sensations

& yes this piece of machinery is completely made from plastic, unlike its big brother Google Cardboard.

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Incredible Intel Face Mapping Art.

When creativity meets technology this happens.

VFX artist Nombumichi Asai & Studio WOW with Intel created this incredible face-mapping art performance. #ExperienceAwesome
Only a creative genius can create something like this.

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